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Pet Safety Tips
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Planning for Your Pets During an Emergency The best way to keep your pets safe when you can't be with them is to plan ahead: Situations include but are not limited to medical, fire, and storm related emergencies. Here are a few tips: Find a trusted family member or neighbor and give them a key to your house or barn. Make sure this person is comfortable and familiar with your pets. Make sure the family member or neighbor knows your pets' whereabouts and habits, so they won't have to waste precious time trying to find or catch them. Make sure the family member or neighbor would be willing to take your pets and has access to the appropriate carriers and leashes. If you use a pet sitting service, they may be available to help, but discuss the possibility well in advance. Create a pet emergency kit and place it in a prominent place where your neighbor or first responders can find it. This kit should contain a list of contact numbers for whoever will be watching your animals as well as whatever the sitter may need. (Ex. Eating schedule, location of food etc...)